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GP International Services Inc. is an experienced provider of social gaming, who is dedicated to developing a pleasant and secure environment where client partners can discover new challenges in terms of both entertainment and business opportunities.

Having our own gaming platform has allowed us to develop and publish a wide variety of games adapted to any social environment. Hundreds of our games have already been installed on top mobile and social gaming platforms around the world, making GP International Services a top provider of the industry.

Our team focuses on anticipating users’ needs and offering original gaming solutions while maximizing technological advantages and keeping up with the constant developments in the online gaming world.

By doing so, we allow our clients to be part of the next generation of social gaming and empower our brands to stand out from the competition.

Doing business in the gaming industry is not an easy task, but GP International Services strives to get better at it every day. Technical requirements are extremely high, as technology changes very fast and regulations are becoming increasingly stringent. Nevertheless, partnering with us has proven our excellent capabilities in the gaming industry. Together with our partners, we ensure high quality social gaming services and products, allowing us to be the one-stop-shop in the industry.

At GP International Services, entertainment has never been easier and more secure to access.

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